An organic beer brewed by Hainaut Provincial High School of Sciences and Technologies (Ecoscience)

All stages of production were carried out under the supervision of a master brewery in the school premises.

“Le Petit Granit”, the hotel section and educational restaurant of the Lychee Provincial des Sciences et des Technologies in the Incaussinnes, drank its first beer.

A transversal educational project combining kitchen technology, indoor work, baking, math, and science resulted in the first hotel manager of the Hainaut Provincial School of Sciences making the first organic craft beer and making homemade bread “” petit granite “in the Incaussinnes. Technology.

Lychee’s educational officials said on Friday that all stages of production were put under the eye of a master brewery in the school’s premises. Bakery teacher Thomas Detelidge commented, “We try to convert malt and slack into bread, after all, bread is cooked.”

The secrets of the design were shared with the fourth year students in the hotel section. “It’s a store of some good-tasting surprises in our restaurant for us,” said the director of the school, Sonia DuPont, with delight.

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