An obscure cause of fast food intake cited by science

It is well known that prepared food and fast food promote weight gain, but above all is a risk factor for many diseases ranging from diabetes to cardiovascular problems. Researchers reported that knowing how to manage stress would make it possible to eat less fatty foods and fast food.

Scientists at The Ohio State University in the United States say they have combined the stress experienced by overweight or obese mothers with less economic resources.

The study, published in the journal Nutrients, included 338 participants aged 18 to 39, overweight or obese mothers and recruited low-income people as part of a program to prevent and reduce intake it was done. Participants were exposed to many ways, including stress management, by watching short videos of mothers like them.

The study’s lead author Mei-Wei Chang quoted the university website as saying, “We used testimonials of women and showed them how to educate them about the stresses by interacting with their families.”

After watching the video, many participants only now felt that they were stressed.

Mei-Wei Chang said, “Many of these women know about headaches and sleep disturbances without realizing that these are signs of stress.”

Reduce stress

According to him, “It is not that these women do not want to eat healthy.” When the participants realized the stress they felt every day and to cope with it they started eating better. Thus, they naturally consumed less fatty dishes and fast food without any special effort.

“These results highlight the imperative of incorporating stress management into the study of lifestyle interventions aimed at reducing dietary fat intake,” the scientists say.

Which means that reducing stress helps you eat better.

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Given the growing enthusiasm for this type of food, fast food is attracting the attention of scientists again and again. Thus, the National Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety Agency (ANSES) recently published the results of a study in France on out-of-home catering, especially fast-food restaurants. It shows that the number of fast food lovers in the country has doubled in the last 10 years, while the number of people who have never eaten it has come down to three.

Not surprisingly, fast food is particularly popular with teenagers and young adults.

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