An Italian wins the TV challenge for best pastry chef in the UK

LONDON – For the first time ever, an Italian has won The Great British Bake Off, an audience champion event dedicated to amateur pastry chefs. The 12th edition was won by Giuseppe Dell’Anno, a 45-year-old engineer from Guatea, who graduated from the University of Pisa with a master’s degree from Cranfield University, and then moved with his three children to Bristol where he continued his farming. Cultivated for years. Passion for sweets and salty, thanks to the love that his parents transmitted to him, from the city on the sea in the south of the province of Latina, after the final broadcast last night on Channel 4 sent Auspicious with a video message In the race for the son.

“I am speechless,” Giuseppe said at his coronation, which was translated to “Giuseppe” by presenters Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith for all ten episodes. Hollywood itself, the historical star of British television, on top of The Great British Bake Off, aired on BB1 since the first episode and then turned to Channel 4, did not hide its excitement in rewarding the 45-year-old, knowing that He was actually the best of the 12 early competitors. “The first time an Italian wins the show. I was immediately aware of Giuseppe’s skills, when he created great sweet rolls from the very first episode”, said the celebrity chef. “He is a highly trained pastry chef who Deservesly represents the long tradition of Italian pastry. And it proved it all the way,” said Pru Leith.

Dell’Anno won the sympathy of the public episode after episode thanks to the personal touch he wanted to give to each of his creations, Italianizing many of the preparations he brought before the jury. “Everything comes from the passion that my dad instilled in preparing desserts, which I lived in Geeta when I was still a kid. They were not simple cakes or biscuits, but real artistic creations with a unique taste. What I did during the twelve episodes of The Great British Bake Off is really nothing when compared to what he used to prepare”. A passion passed down from father to son that went on to win the final, so much so that Giuseppe’s Mother herself added: “I had no doubt that he would win the program”.

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In the final, Giuseppe Dell’Anno faces 26-year-old Christel Pereira, born and raised in London, and Chiggs Parmar, 40, of Leicester. Three trials saw the three finalists as heroes. Starting with a reinterpretation of the classic carrot cake Giuseppe proposed with fig jam and toasted walnuts; Then the technical challenge during which the trio created Belgian buns; Moving on to a very personal interpretation of “It’s Always Tee Time”, one of the historical scenes described in “Alice in Wonderland”. The engineer created a garden where a giant mushroom made a good show in the brioche version, then he prepared “Drink Me”, i.e. panna cotta to drink with a sauce of mango and passion fruit, muffins in the shape of a heart with orange Closing with and figs, and a sundae filled with asparagus and pea sauce.

Now Giuseppe has moved from Bristol to Milan where he has been working for a new company for five months. We remember, in fact, that although the finale aired last night, the twelfth edition of The Great British Bake Off was recorded during the summer, it was absolutely impossible to know the development episode after episode for obvious reasons. Until the very last night when Giuseppe said in raising the coveted award: “2011 is a great year for Italy and I am happy to make my contribution, even though I now feel more and more British. To the English friends I explained that my surname, Dell’Anno, means ‘of the year’, and I warned him that this would be my year. And so it was”.

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