An Islamist attempted his analysis as an Islamist

Academic Saeld Djabelkhir defends his analyzes wherever he goes.  During his visit to TV5 here.

Academic Saeld Djabelkhir defends his analyzes wherever he goes. During his visit to TV5 here.

In an interview to the French daily Le Figaro on 30 March, Algerian expert in Sufism, Saud Dazelkhir, sounded the alarm about running a gallop in his country.

Serene, pending his appearance before Algerian justice, is scheduled for Thursday 1is April 2021, Academic Saeld Djabelkhir categorizes: “Obscenity is gaining more and more land in Algeria”. The proof of this is that they themselves are being prosecuted because they did nothing other than do their work as Islam. First time in Algeria!

At the core of his trial, he stated, “A Salafi preacher (who) had reduced an edict saying that ‘Yanier’, barbaric New Year, was a pagan holiday and a celebration. Haram, Is prohibited. In response, I remembered that other rituals existed long before Islam, such as some pilgrimages ”. And the academic said: “I am accusing you of denying the words of the Prophet because I consider something haddiths As inadvertent. For example, which states that the Prophet advised some tribes to drink camel urine for medical purposes. For me, he should not be held responsible for this.

Another analysis that annoyed the university’s opponents was their publication of some “Quranic stories” related to Sura. He presents Noah as an example. “I think we have to distinguish between historical and mythological. They say that everything mentioned in the Quran is history with a capital H. I stand with my words, ”he insists.

Paradoxically, it is one of his colleagues and a group of lawyers who joined forces against him and pushed Algerian courts to prosecute him for “attacking the prejudices of Islam and Muslim rites” .

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Worse, many threats are routinely addressed to him, some of them deaths, as shown in this solidarity tweet that was sent to him in May 1999 by Franco-Algerian journalist, writer and director Mustafa Sifaui .

Even today, he gives a befitting reply to extremists who threaten him through Le Figaro: “Fundamentalists want to intimidate all intellectuals who have the audacity to have opinions that come slightly ahead of conservatives, to hear us on TV Is used to preaching in channels or mosques. They are trying to thwart freedom of expression in all ways, including going to court. “

It is a way of screaming under his hatred that they will not stop him.

Overview of Sa. D Djabelkhir’s analyzes

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