An international study recommends delays before working on pre-Kovid-19 patients

The risk of mortality during surgery is actually 2.5 times higher for those who undergo surgery less than seven weeks after diagnosis of Kovid-19. And this is also when they do not show symptoms or have been asymptomatic.

Surgeons therefore warn against operations after contamination with coronaviruses.

If the operation is performed between zero and four weeks after infection, the risk of death within 30 days is high. After seven weeks, it returns to the “normal” risk level of 1.5%.

“For those who have contracted coronovirus and want to operate quickly, sometimes it is better to postpone this operation slightly,” says surgeon Gabriel van Ramshorst at Ugent Gent. “The benefits of a delay of at least seven weeks after diagnosis should be weighed against the potential risks of delay. “

The study was carried out in approximately 100 countries, including hospitals in Belgium.

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