An inexpensive laptop to play all your games in full HD

As noted above, this minus G5 benefits from a generous connection on the other hand (the more economical model is slightly worse with slightly worse ports).

Here we get HDMI port, Thunderbolt 3, USB-A, mini display port, Ethernet and even SD card reader. It has to be said that Dell had the space to integrate all these beautiful people: Its G5 15 is not a compact machine, it is one of the largest devices currently available in the 15.6-inch format, with 365.5 x 254 x 24.5. Mm is the measurement. Depending on the weight, it displays 2.34 kilograms on the scale, which is starting to do.

The G5 is therefore not particularly enjoyable to transport, especially as its 240 W power supply unit is really heavy. We will see later whether these dimensions allow good performance on the cooling side.

A quick point on disassembly. The lower chassis plate can be removed with difficulty by removing 10 Phillips screws using a precision screwdriver. It would have to be defiled with care and patience to access the components and be sure to carefully release the cable used to power the RGB bar of the chassis. As is often the case with this type of device, it is easy to replace only SSDs, RAM, and batteries. The rest of the components are added to the motherboard, with the exception of the killer network modem which can also be easily replaced.

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