An Indian family arrested for violating locked rules killed in custody by police

An Indian family arrested for violating locked rules killed in custody by police
Indian police officers faced with murder charges a court ruled a court on the deaths of a detained father and son alleged to violate coronavirus restrictions.

On Tuesday, Tamil Nadu’s highest court said there was sufficient evidence to blame the police officers involved in the murder, based on the victim’s injury and official statements.

Deaths in India renewed anger due to police brutality, men family members, politicians and human rights activists claimed that officers tortured the couple before they died.

CNN tried to meet with the local police several times to comment on the allegations. The first police report notes that men continue to be injured during the arrest. The officers did not make public statements about the allegations.

According to court documents, the two officers were suspended and the state plans to hand over the case to the Central Research Bureau, in fact, to the FBI of India.

Residents gather when carrying the Jayaraj coffin and son Bennicks Immanuel, allegedly tortured by the police in Tamil Nadu state, India.

In a statement Monday, the non-profit Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative indicated that the case should show India a strong law to prohibit and prosecute police torture and detention death.

“The fracture of the system is sending a gruesome message about the failure of police and political leaders to increase accountability measures for illegalness,” said Wajahat Habibullah, chief executive of India. said in a statement.

Habibullah also urged India to ratify the United Nations Convention against Torture.

Indian politician Rahul Gandhi wished condolences to his family and called on the government to provide justice for the two men.

“It’s a tragedy when the protectors turn into oppressors.” said with tweet last week.

What happened

On the night of June 19, Jeyaraj and his son Bennicks – According to court documents – only those identified by court documents by name – he was selling mobile phones in his shops in Sathankulam.

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They were arrested according to documents when the police refused requests to comply with the coronavirus locking rules, which indicated that stores should be closed at night. Tamil Nadu noted More than 90,000 coronavirus cases and 1,200 deathsIt has become one of the worst situations in India.

According to court documents, the father and son were detained the next day after the medical examination.

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On June 22, at 19:45, Bennicks was taken to the hospital, where he died less than two hours later, according to court documents. According to the documents, one hour after his son’s death, Jeyaraj was admitted to the same hospital and died early the next morning.

It is not clear how the two men died. The Madras High Court, the state’s highest court, has decided for the death of their bodies, but the results have not yet been announced.

In video notification in local mediaPersis, Jeyaraj’s daughter – using only her first name – claimed that her father was pushed to the ground and beaten by the police.

According to Persis, his brother Bennicks tried to stop seeing his father beaten, but he was attacked.

A wider problem

Indian police “routinely use torture and flout arrest procedures with little or no accountability” Human Rights Watch.

CNN has reached out to a large number of senior officers in connection with the allegations of atrocity against father and son in Tamil Nadu, but has not received a response.

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On Tuesday, the Madras High Court said the local police “caused the loss of evidence”.

“In fact, he was encouraged enough to even scare the judicial officer into the wheel of the investigation,” the court said. Said.

According to the National Criminal Records Bureau, 70 deaths were recorded across India under police surveillance in the last year in which statistics were available.

Tamil Nadu recorded 12 deaths – a disproportionately high number, as the state accounts for about 5% of the population of India.

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In India, some people on social media have linked the deaths of Jayaraj and Bennicks to the killing of George Floyd by police officers in the United States.

However, a deputy and former UN representative of India, Shashi Tharoor, reacted to deaths in India, where the case did not cause protests, opposed the global explosion after Floyd passed.

“Compare the anger of # GeorgeFloyd’s death that sparked worldwide because of the lack of national anger here. Tweeted Tharoor.

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