An Incredible Scramble of Galaxies Captured by Hubble

Five galaxies that seem to revolve around each other: this is the Hickson Compact Group 40 captured by Hubble. A billion years from now, they will collide to become a giant elliptical galaxy.

Another year has passed since I scanned the sky for Hubble Space Telescope, who has turned 32 years old. For the occasion, NASA “unveiled a photo of” Hixon Compact Group 40 also known as hCG40, a strange group of five galaxies, Among them, a galaxy called . is called Elliptical And a lenticular galaxy, For the other three, they are in the form of a spiral, like Galaxy,

is located towards planetarium Of Hydra, the group is so compact that it would fit into a region of space that is less than twice the diameter of our galaxy’s stellar disk. reason ? dark matter : It encloses five galaxies in a kind of halo. As a result, they inexplicably contact each other, molt by their mutual gravitational attraction, but also by their dark matter, Invisible. Hubble saw them at a crucial moment in their lives, when they were preparing Sickness With each other. except that the time scales are not the same for us, because Merger Will happen in only a billion years!

It’s James-Webb’s turn to take charge

posted in To revolve around Around the Earth in 1990 Astronaut From NASA, Hubble has made more than 1.5 million observations of nearly 50,000 celestial objects! enough to make great discoveries, such asaccelerated expansion of the universe, or the determination of its size and age. today, James Webb Preparing to take over as it continues to calibrate and prepare all of its measuring instruments. Like its predecessor, it will, with all its objectives, probe the deeper universe, with the first to study the moments and formation of galaxies. These may also be in the same state as the galaxies of HGC40, that is, condensed into denser and denser clusters.

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