An experienced vaccination passport in the United Kingdom from mid-April

The British government announced on Sunday 4 April that it was planning to test a health passport system in England from mid-April, to resume activities affected by the epidemic, such as football matches and indoor events .

Although the United Kingdom has slowly begun to lift strict restrictions that have been in place for several months, building on the success of its vaccination campaign, the project will be detailed on Monday by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, of the new regulations Announcement is also prohibited for holidays abroad, at least until May 17. “We are doing everything possible to allow our country to reopen (…) In the safest possible way “The conservative leader said in a statement.

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So a “Certification of Kovid status”, Indicating that a person has been vaccinated, is negative for coronavirus or has antibodies, will be developed “In the next few months” Allowing mass celebrations. It will not be needed when they reopen in public transport and in essential shops or in pubs.

“Discriminatory” for seventy deputies

Nine pilot trials will be launched from mid-April, most notably for the semi-finals and then the final of the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium, during a nightclub party and a conference in Liverpool. According to Downing Street, the public health service is working to show the status through an app or in paper format. This health passport project was greeted with hostility by more than 70 British MPs across the political spectrum, who judged it “Discriminatory”.

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Many countries are considering the implementation of the health passport and some have already launched it. In March, the European Union presented a draft certificate, requested by countries heavily dependent on tourism, such as Greece, which was intended to facilitate travel in their region given the summer season.

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In relation to foreign travel, the British government is planning a traffic light system to classify countries according to the degree of progress of their vaccination campaign, the rate of their contamination, or the presence of variants. “Green” destinations, unlike “orange” and “red” countries, will be exempted from quarantine upon return. The list of countries is not yet established.

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