An application to facilitate processes soon

This is information that will interest millions of motorists who sell or buy a used car each year: an application to simplify the processes a bit more. A little more because already for 3 years now the gray card does not have to queue at the counters of the provinces, it is through the internet. But here is a step that should be done again with the good old paper: Transfer Certificate, Which constitutes proof of purchase or sale of the vehicle.

To make the transaction easier, the government is launching a smartphone application: Simplicity. As the name suggests, it is simple: sellers and buyers connect to their smartphones and just have to be guided to give some information, then everything is rolled out.

“Once the process begins, the seller receives a PDF at his email address that authenticates the transfer of his vehicle and now the identity of the new owner. And the owner also receives it. Copy of his registration document, Which is sent to the services of the national agency for the secure title, which immediately sends him a provisional registration certificate and then a gray card to his home which will be the final document “, explains Fran├žois Tarin D.”Auto plus.

Already tested in three departments

Faster because this provisional certificate that you obtain allows you to drive directly with the car you just bought.

That’s all right, but dealing with an application to sell or buy your car can be scary, but the government-installed site brings it More security.

The government hopes to start applications everywhere in France quickly, certainly by the end of the year. Meanwhile, it is already in effect and tested in three departments: Ure, ure-et-loir and yvelyn. And it is completely free.

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