An Application Allows You to Search the Old Start Menu

Windows 11 introduces a new taskbar but also a revamped and revamped Start menu. As for refractories, Stardock has already developed a tool that allows you to go back to the old one and even customize it. It is available in beta.

Windows 11 will change everything in terms of its design. Thus Microsoft’s new OS will thoroughly review the functioning of its taskbar, and by extension the Start menu. It will be simple, clear and completely abandon the tile system. But if you want to keep the old one, This will be possible with Start11 developed by Stardock.

The principle is extremely simple, as it allows Put the old Start Menu back on Windows 11. Here, it is the model of Windows 7, an example of clarity and ease, which is taken as the basis. Included in this new OS, it’s true that this menu may look out of date, but don’t panic, as it’s possible to customize it as desired.

Windows 11 Hosts the Windows 7 Start Menu

Thus, you can modernize it with modern design elements while maintaining the operation of Windows 7. all you have to do is choose your style In the dedicated menu and voila. A simple, almost childish use, which will satisfy those who can not get used to the new style of Windows 11. In addition, Start 11 allows you to customize the taskbar by adding patterns or modifying textures. enough to allow you to have a custom windowsill as per your wishes and your needs. For now, Start11 is free and in beta but should be refined over time.

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The Start Menu is an institution of Windows, which has existed since Windows 95. The true nerve center of the software, it has evolved with each new version while performing similar functions. In 2012, Microsoft tried a game of poker by removing it entirely from Windows 8 (a similar context menu was accessible by hovering the mouse on the right side of the screen). It will eventually come to Windows 8.1 and . came back with Lasted until Windows 11.

Many consider Windows 7 to be the most successful, as it is the most intuitive and practical. So it is possible to have it on Windows 11 if you feel like it.


Source: Stardock

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