An app to find your sense of smell

A recent study showed that anosmia, one of the typical symptoms of Kovid-19, can last from one to two weeks. But in 5% of patients, it can last for several months.

What if, with a little training, these patients could find their sense of smell more quickly? This is the starting point for health applications publisher Kelindi, which has just launched a tool in this direction.

As prof. Fabrice Dennis, oncologist at the Jean-Bernard du Mans Center and co-founder of Kelindi, said, “Olfactory rehabilitation is a valid technique in infectious infectious anomalies since 2014, and with it learned societies recommended to accelerate recovery Is about 63% improvement in anosmia. “

So how does it work ?

Prof. Head of ENT Department at University of Hospital of Tours. The protocol validated by Silvin Morinier is based on inhalation of 4 specific essential oils twice a day (one morning and one evening) for high concentration. Cloves, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Geranium. And this until the odor is recovered.

Please note: CovidAnosmie is a web application. So it does not require any download. You’ll find it at the following address: and if the application is free, count all the same 39 euros to get a kit of 4 essential oils.

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