An Airbnb car expelled from the Maghreb (VIDEO)

Wanting to spend quality time with family away from home, Sebti Boudzadja, business manager at Mulhouse, decided to move her family to Annecy, visiting her sister and son who lived there, reports le muslim post, He then booked an apartment for four people through the Airbnb platform. He found a rental with an elevator because his mother, who had Parkinson’s disease and multiple strokes, was unable to climb stairs.

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Once the reservation has been validated, the family leaves Mulhouse on Christmas Day for Annecy, where the owner of the apartment was waiting for them to make a list. The latter is unbearable. To the general surprise of the entrepreneur’s family, before deciding to cancel the rental, “I could no longer afford to pay rent to the Taliban.” The latter had to spend the night with Sebti Boudzadja’s brother, whose residence does not have a lift to reach the floor.

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Mulhouse Entrepreneur decides to file a complaint with the Annecy Public Prosecutor against the owner “for acts of racial discrimination based on origin or religion and non-public insults.” Airbnb said, “Based on the evidence provided, we have considered the reported issue to be in violation of Airbnb’s non-discrimination policy, which returned a $460 rental refund on December 26. Decided to suspend listing, as well as reservations made by the owner on Airbnb.

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