Amy Klobuchar leaves Biden VP contention and says she has to choose a color woman

Klobuchar withdraws from Biden VP consideration

“This is a historic moment and America must take over this moment. And I really believe that when I called him the president last night, I told the vice president, I think this was to put a moment on that ticket for a woman” “Minnesota Democrat Klobuchar, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell told.

“And there are many incredibly qualified women, but if you want to heal this nation right now, my party … it’s definitely a way to do it.”

Shortly after his comments to MSNBC, Biden offered warm words to Klobuchar.

“Amy – it wasn’t hard to see that you had great determination and determination to do whatever you put in mind, from the moment you announced that you were running as president in a snowstorm,” he tweeted. “You know how things are done. With your help, we will beat Donald Trump.”

Klobuchar has been launched for months as a promising vice-presidential candidate for his centrist appeal and name recognition after his White House offer. However, his hopes have been reduced in recent weeks as Biden has faced increased pressure to choose a colorful woman as a working wife after the death of George Floyd’s police officers.

Floyd’s death in Minneapolis has revived democratic concerns over the seven years he spent as Klobuchar’s forensic justice record and the biggest prosecutor in Minnesota’s busiest county.

The revival of questions regarding criminal justice registration – prosecutor, along with what many see as not being able to deal with long-term racism charges within the Minneapolis police force and not being able to charge multiple officers on the shoot during his summit – Biden’s choice of Klobuchar as his working friend In case they said they would question Biden’s judgment and commitment to Kara voters.

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After suspending the presidential proposal in early March, Klobuchar became the first 2020 primary candidate with several delegates who announced they would approve of Biden.

He insisted that Biden could bring the country together and establish a coalition for Democrats, Independents and Republicans, because we don’t just want victory in our party. We want to win big. In his privileged speech, Klobuchar changed his name to Biden’s. “I think you know you have a house with Joe Biden,” said a popular stump.

Biden herself did not promise to choose a black woman from CNN to Dana Bash last month: “There are women of that color and there are women from all over the country, because there are many really qualified women who are ready to be president.”

“But I do not make this commitment. Actually, after this group interview all these people, I will make this decision.” Said.

Biden said he hoped to choose his jogging friend around August 1.

This story has been updated to include additional reaction and background information.

CNN’s Dan Merica contributed to this report.

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