Amy Connie Barrett’s ‘moral relativism’ should blow her off the Supreme Court seat, Catholic newspaper says

In the editorial, staff National Catholic Reporter Based on her reactions during the hearing on the climate crisis, the United States called on the Senate to reject Mrs. Barrett’s nomination, as well as how the Senate used a Supreme Court seat after Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016.

“It’s hypocritical, and it’s impossible to see how this nomination will benefit our democracy,” the editorial said, referring to Republicans as “double standards” for preventing President Barack Obama from filling a seat too close to the polls. In 2016, when President Donald Trump was nominated in 2020.

“Barrett is not responsible for that [Senate Leader Mitch] McConnell’s behavior, however, meant he was able to be his own agenda and President Donald Trump’s vehicle. ”

The main issue that the editorial took with Mrs. Barrett’s appointment was the “moral relativity” she displayed during the Senate hearing.

During the hearing, Mrs Barrett confirmed that Covid-19 was contagious and that smoking could cause cancer. But he has not been able to give senators an opinion on the climate crisis, despite scientific evidence that Mr. Trump has pushed against it despite its serious environmental problems.

Mrs Barrett called the issue “highly controversial in public debate” and declined to comment.

The newspaper realized her most “controversial” about Mrs. Barrett, and her so-called “moral relativity” came from her belief in fundamentalism and textualism.

Originality is the opinion of some judges, including the late Justice Scalia, that the Constitution is a self-explanatory text and should be interpreted on the basis of the original intentions of the founding fathers when the document was written.

“That’s the logic of Barrett’s fundamentalism [Justice Ruth Bader] Ginsberg’s legal theories were not only different but were invalid. Barrett’s relativity also contains steroids like the ones he nominated, ”the magazine wrote.

Following the presidential nomination, Mrs. Barrett faced scrutiny for her Catholic beliefs and conservative views. Even Republicans have accused people of being anti-Catholic against his nomination.

“When you tell someone they’re too Catholic to be on the bench, when you tell them they’re not an American judge, it’s a Catholic judge, it’s bigotry,” Missouri Republican Senator Josh Howley said during the Senate hearing.

If nominated, Mrs. Barrett will be one of six conservative judges of the Supreme Court, five of whom are Catholic.

The National Catholic Reporter This number addresses and expresses concern that it gives people a bad idea about the Catholic faith.

“In the NCR, we do not like the possibility of five of the six conservative judges being Catholics and worrying about what they say about our church,” the newspaper wrote. “In America, however, there is no religious test for office, and no senator should oppose Barrett because of his religion.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Mrs. Barrett’s nomination in the Supreme Court on Thursday. A full vote in the Senate will probably be held on October 2.

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