Amy Connie Barrett claims that landmark abortion cases are not ‘super-eye’ and are not disposal laws

Conservative Federal Justice Minnesota Senator Amy Klubucher made the remarks in response to a question from a former presidential candidate who signaled to the nominee or ultimately said he was in favor of reversing. Rowe.

Rowe There is no higher precedent because the call for more power has never stopped, “Ms. Barrett told the senator during the full debate on the law and focused on a number of hot-button election-year issues.

However, his subsequent remarks reminded us of the legal position of the High Court during the confirmation hearing.

“But that doesn’t mean Rock should be overturned,” Mrs Barrett told Ms Klucher, who said the Senate Judiciary Committee spent the first full day questioning Donald Trump’s third Conservative Supreme Court nominee. “It simply came to our notice then Marbury vs. Madison And Brown v. [The Board of Education] No one else questions. “

The former case established the court’s power to control and overturn laws and statutes set by the government. The Supreme Court’s subsequent ruling outlaws racial violence in American public schools.

When Mrs. Klubucher asked about another lawsuit and whether it was on that handful of lists, the nominee advised her that Ms. Barrett herself did not list that list in any law journal article. He continued the senator, telling him, “Whenever you ask a question, I have to say I can’t grade it.”

It was a rare moment of near-excitement during the second full day of the confirmation hearing.

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