Amid health crisis, hospitalpinal hospital moves

Due to “dilapidated” and unusable equipment, Opinal Hospital staff and patients are relieved to visit brand-new buildings at the very moment the Kovid-19 epidemic resumes.

“We have happy caretakers! It’s rare now”. Jean-Marc Lalotte does not decrease his happiness. The doctor and chairman of the Establishment Medical Commission, he appreciates the arrival of his teams in the elegant red and white hospital complex, not yet officially inaugurated.

“We are going from 80% of the double room to 90% of the single room: for daily comfort, it is important, and clinically, for the management of epidemics, the single room for patients in isolation, it is an asset. ,” they tell.

For the past year, the staff has gone through a critical crisis, welcoming additional patients, up to “300% resuscitation capacity”, away from optimal conditions, especially in the face of the risk of nosocomial infection.

“The depression in the room, the quality of the air renewal, the process of isolation, it was not at all suitable for today’s medicine,” he underlines. “We had cross-transmissions, patients who catch the virus in the hospital.”

– advanced technology –

While ambulances move between the two buildings at a distance of 300 meters to move patients, a critical care service is already in place.

The only real estate in the entire Vosge department, it now has 18 beds, 50% more than before. In room number 6, Celine Perot, a 39-year-old nurse, takes her mark with new equipment.

“We have state-of-the-art technological equipment, binocular weapons that allow us to manipulate around the patient, we have room, we no longer have to bend ourselves as we did in the old hospital”, rejoicing- that.

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For the entire team, 18 years after the launch of the project, in view of the construction of the new hospital at the end, is considered as a “recognition” of the work completed.

“We built new hospitals in Nancy, which are also of Daya (within CHRU of Metz-Thionville, editor’s note), of Strasbourg, or of Vesoul … the fact of having an establishment that dated back to the 1960s In the decade, we felt a little deprived ”, giving Christian Thought a revitalization.

In addition, the Departmental Fire and Safety Commission had to issue several opinions adverse to the operation of the old building for financing and construction of the new building to materialize.

Within the infectious diseases department, on the fourth floor, 85-year-old Claude Gerem has been transferred. Suffering from leukemia, he is able to live in a room, and has his own bathroom.

– Protection of “dignity” –

“It’s luxury here, it’s impeccable,” who contracts Kovid-19 during her hospitalization. “Everything has changed, in terms of peace and access”.

Improvement in patient care status has been welcomed by the health care team. “For dignity, it is very important”, Anne, tests nurse in internal medicine.

“We have quite an elderly, dependent population, mobility problems, so it was sometimes difficult to go out with your infusion to take a shower that could be 30 meters from the room,” she explains. “And then the patients were not very happy in the dilapidated premises, it also gave them the impression that the care was going to be bad”.

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Overall, the reception capacity has been increased, from 293 to 324 beds and day hospital locations. To continue at full speed, hospitalization continues.

In a department without the faculty of medicine, Drs. Lalot hopes that the new establishment, which represents an investment of 150 million euros, will attract talent despite the deficit medical demographic.

For now, it is focusing on a possible pandemic restoration, while the incidence rate has risen to 37% a week in the department. But “if we face a third wave, the working conditions will be really different,” he promises.

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