Ambroise-Brugier High School, in Clermont-Ferrand, provides a springboard for the science po that is unique in the Auvergne

“It’s another concept of classrooms and education. We work on different topics as projects: sketches when we talked about town planning, a press article when we discussed fake news, videos in English. This is like higher education,” says Rachel.

This first-year student is one of eleven youth in the first promotion of the Science Po Workshop, an option launched at the beginning of the 2021 school year at Ambroise-Brugier High School in Clermont.

“It’s a way to discover things other than the classroom, to meet people in different professions, to deepen our common culture”.

Sarah (Students of Science PO Workshop)

On Monday March 2, the high school student and her classmates met with the academy’s rector, Karim Benmilaud, to discuss this unique system at the academy, an agreement with the Sciences Po Paris to diversify their recruiting.

The workshops are supervised by school teachers and external contributors. Pierre Mille and Alain Jean-Baptiste of the Federation of Secular Associations spoke on the subject of photography.

“It allows us to develop our culture in different regions,” Faustin says. “Even if we don’t know what we want to do later, it’s a gateway to a great school,” says Damien. “An opportunity not to be missed”, summarizes ASEM.

“Today, I say to myself ‘Why not Sci Po?’ It gives me comfort at the thought of submitting an application,” smiles Rachel.

knowledge and information

The positive response was appreciated by the rector of the Academy and the three teachers who made this unique program “open to all motivated students, regardless of school level”.

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, This is an exciting project., In small groups, these workshops make it possible to deepen the activities involved in the classroom and introduce students to new ways of doing things”, explains Marie-Nol Medebene, professor of economics and social sciences and coordinator of the course who Welcomes 50% scholarship holder

Science Po. as per the specifications of

The program works on several skills: expression (writing, reading, oral, English), methodological (questioning, documentary research, analysis, synthesis) and interpersonal skills (listening, autonomy, assertiveness, reflexivity, teamwork).

premium In Clermont-Ferrand, Ambroise-Brugier High School relies on the excellence of its boarding school

Focused on speaking and reading in the first year, then writing in the second year, the aim of the two-year workshop is to make an application for Science Po a reality for those who wish to do so, with the same admission process Others (postgraduate grades, personal writing, oral exam) but a separate assessment.

“Last year, when this program did not exist, we had two high school students admitted to Science Po, it is encouraging”, said Headmaster Richard Comey.

Another site in the academy soon?

Without waiting to see if the workshop allows new students from Claremont to access these very selective studies, Karim Benmilaud highlights the importance of “showing that it is possible for everyone.” Convinced of the benefits of the device, Rector recently met with the director of the Sciences Po Paris and thought about building a second site at the Academy to offer this option.

Victor-Hugo Kindergarten in Clermont-Ferrand learning sign language

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