Amazon UK will offer 007s to the cloud

The project was canceled after JEDI lost the contract, but won a legal battle, heroine Signed an agreement with three UK intelligence agencies. classified material of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ will be stored in the cloud of AWS (Amazon Web Services). The government’s decision clearly raised national security concerns.

007’s data in Amazon Cloud

There are no public details on the multi-year deal, but sources in the Financial Times say the figure is hovering between 500 million and a billion pounds. All three agencies will have many benefits from using the AWS cloud, as vast amounts of information can be shared in minutes. GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming said thatartificial intelligence in order to ensure the security of the country. For example, British 007s will use cloud voice recognition when wiretapping.

GCHQ has tried to award a contract to a UK company, but none meet the requirements. Of course, Amazon wouldn’t have access to the data. Security experts point out that AWS servers are already being used CIA, then the Seattle-based firm handles classified material from intelligence agencies.

Some members of the Labor Party have sought an explanation from the Secretary of State for Internal Affairs. In particular, the government needs to clarify whether there is any potential national security riskBecause sensitive UK information is in the hands of an American company.

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