Amazon secretly destroyed millions of unsold products

New images show a waste of unprecedented scale on Amazon, which is said to destroy millions of unsold items each year. British TV Channels ITV sneaked into a hidden camera in a warehouseheroine in Dunfermline, Scotland. Images show items in good condition, often new, marked for destruction.

JournalistITV News saw scraping laptopDrones, TVs, books and even protective masks are still under the seal. These are unsold items or customer returns, often in perfect condition. Journalists were able to follow the products to a recycling center as well as to a landfill.

hidden camera reportITV News In an Amazon warehouse, with images of products sent for destruction (in English, turn on automatic subtitle translation). © ITV News

130,000 items destroyed every week in a single warehouse

The phenomenon is explained by the mode of operation from amazon, which stocks products from third-party vendors in its warehouses. This space is expensive, and it is often more profitable for sellers to throw away their unsold items to avoid these charges than to pay for their return. The chain was able to interview a former Amazon employee, who said they had a quota for a warehouse to destroy 130,000 items each week.

These figures are confirmed by images from a screen showing 124,332 items to be destroyed, compared to only 27,213 items donated. In an interview with Chanel, Amazon national director John Bomfrey UK, nevertheless indicated that a number ” extremely weak » Objects were destroyed. If the figures are representative of the firm’s warehouse operations around the world, it could represent the millions of items destroyed each week. In the UK alone, Amazon has 24 similar centres.

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