Amazon Music Opens Up to Podcast in France

It is the turn of Amazon Music in France to make room for podcasts in its audio content catalog. These programs offer users a free choice of service as well as paying customers..

Amazon does not communicate on the amount of problem France offered but it should be significantly lower than elsewhere for this launch. Public service radios are missing (Radio France only recently arrived at Spotify), or even RTL.

Standard functions of the reader are (read speed, local download, timer etc.)

However is Europe 1Some content of France television, Echo, From Slate or even Medium prism, As well as independents. It will also be necessary to reunite with in-house Amazon productions.

At this stage, it is a selection with a very popular gondola chiefs (Hondelte, Cantalep …), compared to substantial and diverse catalogs capable of competing with other platforms. However, the repertoire will increase over time, and producers will be encouraged to list their shows. Amazon is promoting synergy between the website, its mobile app, and its Echo speakers to synchronize listening and reading status of its podcasts.

Amazon is entering a field that has experienced new power since Spotify surfaced on the appeal of podcasts, so that it could be a major focus for the development of its service. Recently, Swedish has also introduced the theory of a radio station Morning Show a little bit everyday, for each user, a personal playlist – My Daily – which is about 2 hours of podcasts of varying lengths with pieces of music Listens to

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