Amazon gets its share of UK Champions League rights from 2024

Amazon announced on Friday that it has won part of the broadcast rights for the new format of the Champions League in the United Kingdom from 2024.

,Happy to announce that the best of Champions League matches will be shown every Tuesday on Amazon Prime Video in the UK from 2024 onwards.“, Alex Green, the boss of Amazon Prime Sports in Europe, said on his Twitter account.

The American giant, through its Prime Video platform, will broadcast Tuesday’s poster, BT Sport, the broadcaster since 2015, retaining the rest of the rights to the Champions League, Europa League (C3) and conference Europa League (C4) .

In the UK the deal is expected to fetch UEFA around £500m (€577m) a year for three seasons between 2024 and 2027, a 20% increase over current deals.

A newcomer to the world of football, Amazon already has the rights to 20 Premier League matches per season in Great Britain, and in June 2021, for 250 million euros, it was allowed to broadcast 80% of the matches, including the 10 best Was. Posters of Ligue 1 in France.

New Formula for Champions League in 2024

From 2024, the new formula Champions League will start with a mini-championship of 8 days with 36 teams, compared to 32 clubs currently playing the group stage over 6 days.

Two additional places will also be allocated to the two best European nations of the previous season, and a third club will automatically qualify for the fifth nation in the UEFA index, currently France.

This reform, the most radical for twenty years, was validated a year after the storming of the Super League, a short-lived private competition project initiated by several rebel clubs, including the previous edition’s finalists Real Madrid and Liverpool.

UEFA wants total broadcast revenue from this new format to reach $5 billion (€4.8 billion) per season, up from currently $3.6 billion (€3.4 billion) per year.

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