Amazon Fire TV now has its own app for TikTok

TikTok is now also available for Amazon Fire TV.

Short video platform TikTok is now also available as an app for Amazon Fire TV. This again increases your limit.

TikTok is especially popular among young people. Short videos can be seen on the platform. Meanwhile, apart from influential people, there are many celebrities and even politicians and companies. It wasn’t that long ago that TikTok hit Samsung’s smart TVs as a native app. There is also a related application for Android TV and Google TV. But now it is the turn of the popular Amazon Fire TV.

So you should definitely reach out to a larger group of users with a cheap Fire TV. TikTok has really grown up on mobile devices. Apparently there is also a growing group of users who want to enjoy short videos on TV. Apart from Germany, TikTok is now in the headlines for Amazon Fire TV in Great Britain and France.

According to the developers, the app has been specially optimized. This enables access to the “For You” feed and the “Following” feed. Thus, many popular videos and trends are shown. From comedy to food to animals, there is a variety of content. The TV app also has access to the personal “Discover” area (not initially via the Fire TV). Will you be excited about the clip on TikTok, it’s definitely also a question of age – we’re out there.

TikTok is expanding its reach

Short video on TV, which feels like shutting down at first. But if there weren’t a target group, TikTok certainly wouldn’t have committed to pushing apps to as many devices as possible. If you’re interested in TickTick on Fire TV, you can now find the app in the Amazon Appstore.

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