Amazing discovery of a Roman merchant ship 50 meters off a beach in the Balearic Islands

About 1,700 years ago a Roman merchant ship sank in Majorca. This cargo as well as the personal belongings of the crew were quickly buried after the sinking and their exceptional preservation made it possible to know who was on the ship, but also to know the contents of the cargo.

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About 1,700 years ago, a ship Roman sailed into the western Mediterranean. While making a stopover on the Spanish island of Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, the ship capsized. was he the victim of a Storm or a violent Storm , The cause of this drowning is not known and the debris has been kept hidden from Eyes All for 1,700 years.

Three years ago, however, a summer storm engulfed the waters of Palma de Mallorca Bay so much that the wreckage of the ship was clearly visible to several groups. Promising event along with the obvious presence of an archaeological site sunken treasure Finding the site prompted the council of Majorca to take action. This Project archiomalornauta Its purpose is to salvage the remains of the wreckage and its contents.

a wreck full of wonder

The project will last three years, yet the wreck is not particularly difficult to reach. It is situated 50 meters from the beach and just two meters below the water surface. incredible protection of sidewalk However, exceptional protection has been allowed for a number of items, the reassembly of which requires the greatest of precautions. the protection that is owed to the ship and its treasury for their speedy burial Sand After the sinking of the sea floor.

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The ship was 12 meters long and five to six meters wide, probably a merchant ship, given the cargo it had sunk with it. This cargo actually consisted of hundreds of amphoras containing wine, olives, oil and garam. Garam is a sauce used exclusively by the Romans and made from fish Fermented in salt. This chutney was probably characterized by the taste ofumami,


This sauce was probably characterized by an umami flavor.

archaeologist People studying the sunken objects in Majorca did not have much difficulty in identifying the contents of the amphoras as they are in an exceptional state of conservation, Their preservation in sealed amphorae buried in the sand actually separates them from oxygen as well as light and currents. This protection is not only related to the biological content of the amphora.

Divers also found pieces of cloth, a leather shoe and a sneaker. The team of archaeologists and divers are also impressed with the state of conservation of the ship because wood The one it was built is in such good condition that it is still solid and makes it possible to complete the knowledge of the architecture of Roman merchant ships.

Did the crew sink with the ship or did they make it ashore? The research team does not know, but indicates that objects belonging to the people have traces of paganism such as the symbol of the moon associated with the goddess Diana but that part of the amphorus. is done Christian seal too. So a Christian cargo was probably transported between Spain and Italy by a pagan party.

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