Along with K-pop and J-pop, Korean and Japanese degrees are booming

Ale’The growing interest in South Korean and Japanese cultures is also reflected in British universities. as indicated GuardianThe rise of K-pop and J-pop, musical styles originated from South Korea and Japan, but the popularity of animated films, video games and series from these Asian countries has resulted in an explosion in registration for Korean and Japanese language courses. in Britain.

According to a report by the University Council for Modern Languages ​​(UCML) released by the British daily, acceptance of Korean studies more than tripled between 2012 and 2018, while places in Japanese courses increased by 71% during the same period. From now on, these languages ​​have overtaken Russian or Italian in terms of the number of registrants.

Experts point out that the recent hit from South Korean group BTS, whose song “Dynamite” set a 24-hour YouTube view record for debut music video in 2020 (over 101.1 million, video over 1.3 billion views). squid game, the most-watched series ever on Netflix, by its release date, September 17, 2021, or 1.65 billion hours of series aired in the first month after filming. parasite, the winner of Cannes Film Festival 2019, is no stranger to it.

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Languages ​​that are popular in universities

In addition to increasing the number of students enrolled, Guardian It also points out that the proportion of UK universities offering Japanese universities increased from 19% in 2018 to 39% in 2020-2021, while departments teaching Korean also saw a slight increase.

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“It is clear that non-European languages ​​have been taught more traditionally than European languages”, summarizes UCML general director Emma Kelly. Thanks to the influence of social networks and streaming platforms, the chances of this trend coming to an end are slim.

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