Almonds, Cashews… What are good and healthy snacks for your health?

Snacks, seeds, dried fruits are a real asset to our diet. “It has a lot of good stuff in it, it goes everywhere, it’s delicious and crunchy. And then it’s good for your health, because it’s very rich in phytosterols and contains vegetable proteins”, ngel Ferreaux- Meght, chef and naturopath.

These are the things we can put everywhere: In yogurts, compotes, smoothies, salads. “But even on savory dishes like soups or oven-roasted vegetables, for example, it really brings out the flavor without adding fatty sauces”, says ngel Ferreux-Meght.

are these snacks calories? “It’s true that in naturopathy, we don’t like to talk about calories too much, for example, a zero-calorie light drink won’t do us any benefit, while an avocado in season will bring us a lot of things. While It is very caloric. So, Everything is a question, of quantity and of the overall cleanliness of life”. Specifies the cook and naturopath.

“If we eat fruits and vegetables, if we have healthy food, we can afford a day a small handful All these super seeds and all these super products Ideally for breakfast Angel looks at Ferex-Meght.

Granola Recipe

“Granola is very easy to make at home. First, preheat oven to 180 degrees. In a large skillet, mix all the seeds You want: Nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, cashews, walnuts, rice with puffed rice or rolled oats or buckwheat flakes. You can add citrus fruits. Me, I like to make them with orange juice”, explains ngel Ferreux-Meght.

“Otherwise, you can add a little honey or maple syrup, olive oil, fleur de sel. Mix all that up, put it in the oven and let it crisp up. And it’s actually the smell we’ll think it’s ripe, So after about a quarter of an hour. I recommend mixing regularly (…) It’s very easy to do and you can even make brine for salads”, concluded the chef.

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