“Allow bodies to pile up”: Commentary attributed to Boris Johnson creates controversy in the United Kingdom

These few words made the home page daily Mail, Monday 26 April and since then a heated controversy has arisen in the British political class, while the country is suffering greatly from the epidemic. According to the tabloid, Boris Johnson went mad with anger after resigning himself to announce a second national imprisonment in November: “No more fucking imprisonment, let the body be piled up by the thousands.” Words rejected by the main interested party on the occasion of a visit on Monday. “No, but I think the important thing people need from the government is to ensure preventive measures.” The Prime Minister simply said, leaving other members of the government to stand up for him.

near sky News, Defense Minister Ben Wallace also denied: “None of this is serious. The Prime Minister, like the rest of the government, is completely focused on Kovid’s response.” Despite these denials, the BBC said it was confirmed by direct or indirect witnesses that Boris Johnson had made the remarks. According to the television channel’s political journalist, the punishment would have been pronounced in late October, so at a time when political leaders were reporting many lives sacrificed in the event of non-re-participation. Ian Blackford, the leader of the Scottish separatists in parliament, called on the prime minister to convince MPs that he should resign if these words were true.

daily Mail It also states that former councilor Dominic Cummings has kept audio recordings and written records of important meetings of his time in government. The latter left Downing Street in November under stormy conditions. Mentioned in the press as a source of recent leaks accusing the government, Dominic Cummings denied being a source in a lengthy post on his blog, Friday 23 April, and questioned the Prime Minister’s integrity. Identify the source of daily Mail However, it has not been disclosed. Since its inception, the epidemic has claimed over 127,000 lives in the UK.

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