Allegation: One allegation points to Spanish executive

a lawyer, Antonio Urdiales from son Nom, Criticized the Spanish government for the entry of Brahim Gali into Spain under the guise of “humanitarian aid” and filed complaints against the separatist for the use, falsification and concealment of documents or false passports, as well as the amount of distribution of public funds. defended the need to determine. For this person to live in Spain.

Indeed, in a letter addressed to the head of the Investigative Court No. 7 of the Aragonese capital Rafael LaSalla, the lawyer rejected that “humanitarian” purpose could be used. He, apart from Brahim Alley, denounced the foreign authorities, Zaragoza Airport, for the same reasons.

Furthermore, referring to Article 318 BIS of the Spanish Penal Code, he affirms that “those actually responsible for these incidents can never enforce humanitarian aid because of their exemption from criminal liability”. In doing so, it is subject to a provision that punishes with imprisonment from three months to one year or with a fine to anyone who “intentionally helps any person who is not a citizen of an EU Member State, One who enters or transits through Spanish territory in a way that violates the law on the entry or transit of foreigners”.

This is precisely the justification that Pedro Sánchez’s government provided to protect Ghali’s entry into Spain.

The lawyer believes that the defense of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, is “partial” to “justify the punitive irrelevance of the fact” because it is intended for immigrants in an unregulated situation.

Ghali, he explains, is “not an irregular immigrant provided assistance at the border by the Spanish authorities for humanitarian reasons”. And fanning the fire, he heightens the crescendo by choosing the relevance of a collaborative approach: “It would not have been necessary to adopt a whole range of acts of concealment, nor the use of false identity documents. Without entering and subsequent living”. some kind of purpose.

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For prosecutors, there are substantial indications that “the entry into Spain and subsequent transfer to Logroo is the result of an earlier agreement” between Gali himself, his accomplices and the Spanish authorities “or between the Spanish and Algerian authorities”.

“Algeria and Spain prepared well in advance for the transfer of the Ras separatist leader, treating him as a poor immigrant in need of humanitarian aid, thus guaranteeing criminal irresponsibility of criminals and allies” , he condemned.

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