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With our programs in Teaching and Educational Sciences, use your desire to channelize knowledge and your creativity to make a difference in the lives of the adults of tomorrow.

Your creativity in the service of tomorrow’s society

Myths die hard when it comes to education. Most importantly, love is enough to teach children. If you’re passionate about imparting knowledge to future adults and are excited to see them progress, that’s a good start, but it’s not everything.

If, moreover, you love to learn and have at heart what you do, then your life project may well materialize here! Because as Joseon Robert, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education points out, to teach well you must first be a good student!

Being a good student means achieving good results, but it also means being able to adapt one’s own learning methods to move forward. In other words, learning and teaching requires a good dose of creativity.

Are you passionate and driven by challenges? Do difficulties stimulate your inventiveness? fantastic! In teaching, creativity is essential to develop diverse and engaging content, but also to respond adequately to learning situations and specific student needs.

And since you’ll need to gain knowledge in many school subjects, if you’re as interested in math as you are in French, we want to hear from you!

But if you doubt that you have everything it takes to become a teacher who will make a difference in the lives of your students, rest assured! Our teaching staff will accompany you throughout your journey so that you can develop your skills to the maximum and excel in your professional life.

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We believe that teaching is a very important social responsibility. It is also the mission of the Faculty of Education to help you achieve your goal: to instruct, socialize and educate the society of tomorrow!

Program according to your likeness

We offer 13 programs that lead to Certificate of Teaching, most of which are spread over 4 years. From teaching physical education to mathematics through preschool education and elementary education, you choose the program that best suits your tastes, your talents and your personality!

All of our programs place great emphasis on practice with numerous workshops and internships. These allow you to discover and implement best practices, in addition to getting valuable feedback quickly. Our graduate programs offer an internship of 700 hours, supervised and supported by a committed team, thanks to a well-established partnership with schools. Even our research projects, on which graduate students can collaborate, are rooted in the community.

Do you like to travel? We offer a changing combination of learning and scenery with your stays and internships abroad. Do you practice high level sports? You may benefit from a sports-study program. Do you like to surpass yourself with academic results that are close to the top? We have a merit scholarship program. For more information, see our directory of Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships.

One Life Project, One Thousand Opportunities

You don’t need to know where you want to be in 4 years to apply. Our learning programs are so abundant that you will discover as much about yourself as about the things that really excite you.

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That’s what happened for the graduate-level graduate manuals in preschool education and elementary education. He had a musical education and began his graduation like going on an adventure without knowing where we were going. He gradually realized that it could be useful to the young trainees.

Today, he develops in a stimulating professional environment, where he can take advantage of all the knowledge and experiences that shaped him during and even before his graduation.

What do you need to enter

Since you must pass the Certification Exam in Written French for Teaching (TECFÉE) in order to receive your Certificate of Teaching, your mastery of French will be assessed upon admission. As you may have understood: mastering written French is a prerequisite for practicing the teaching profession.

The Laval-Montreal French Test (TFLM), which will be administered to you upon admission, will be used to assess your level and your needs. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to reach the expected level at the end of the level. This is why you will be able to find help in many forms during your journey.

Don’t forget to read other entry requirements which may vary slightly depending on the program of interest to you.

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