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Studio canal, The European leader in the production, distribution and international sales of TV series and feature films, CANAL + Group and STARZPLAY have announced the start of filming All those things we never said, A comedy-drama series based on Mark Levy’s best-selling novel. Written by Mark Levy, also showrunner, and directed by Miguel Cortois (El Lobo, GAL, Operational E) here, in the French-language series Ten half hour episodes One is a bittersweet comedy, a fun father-daughter adventure story about second chances and first love. Traveling cleverly on two timelines and set in the beautiful European cities of Paris, Bruges, Berlin and Madrid, this original and ambitious, character-centric series is a family comedy with a bizarre fantasy twist.

Produced by Mark Levy, Susanna Lee, Ellen Pancrazi (Holly Lands) and Jean-Baptiste Frey (For the Only We Loved) for TCC, Anna Marsh and François Gionette for the studio, All those things we never said Jean Reno (Leon, Le Grand Blue, The Da Vinci Code), Alexandra Maria Lara (The Fall – The Last Days of Hitler, The Reader – A Loud Voice, Rush), played by Alex Brandmühl (The German Doctor – Wakolda) Has been. , Mother) and Ben (Hotel Normandy, Une Belle Histoire).

Author of 22 novels, Mark levy Has been translated and published in 49 languages. With over 50 million copies sold, he is the most read French writer alive. His books have sold over 2.5 million copies in China alone. During the 2020 lockdown, the French novelist most read by Americans were Albert Camus and Mark Levy. All That Things We Never Said Starzplay will have its first French-language co-production and premieres in the UK and Ireland, Germany and German-speaking Europe, with Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg as well as Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy And Latin America including Brazil. It will then be distributed through the CANAL + group in France and French-speaking regions, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, French-speaking Africa, Myanmar and Vietnam.

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Series plot

Ever since he remembered, Julia Sorrell has had a difficult relationship with her father. Three days before the wedding, she received a call, imagining that her father would not attend the wedding. This time, however, the father has an excellent excuse: he died. Julia can’t help but see the sad side of the situation. Her wedding dreams turn into funeral plans and even from the grave it seems that her father Michelle has a particularly effective way of disrupting her daughter’s life. The day after the funeral, Julia discovers that her father has left her one last surprise when a tall wooden crate is delivered to her house: Inside is a life-sized android, an exact copy of her father. Android explains to Julia that it has a memory of her father and a battery life of seven days, after which Michelle “will automatically shut down. He convinces Julia to embark on a road trip, a father-daughter experience.” Is able., To make up for lost time. The journey unexpectedly turns into an attempt to find Julia’s first love, Tomás, who met at the fall of the Berlin Wall, a journalist to whom she is dead. Is he really dead? Julia and Michelle will travel all over Europe through iconic cities from Paris and Madrid to Bruges and Berlin, a journey that haunts Julia’s life with reconciliation between father and daughter at the center. But it is also a story of first love, the kind of love that never dies.

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