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During its WWDC conference, Apple unveiled iOS 15, the new version of its mobile OS. On the menu, several new features related to photography: EXIF datahandjob Automatic recognition of text and elements within images…without forgetting universal control, which provides unprecedented integration between Mac and iPad. A brief tour of the new features unveiled by Apple.

View EXIF ​​data

The display of EXIF ​​data comes (finally!) on iOS. Till now Apple had refused to show them in the Photos app. For those who wanted to consult shooting data, it was required to be passed through to a third party application.

With iOS 15, the Photos App Finally Appears used lens, the focal lengthhandjob the opening, the shutter speed, the ISO sensitivity or file size.

Without this, date and time photos may be captured manually edited. To access this information, simply drag the photo up.

Note that this feature has been available on most smartphones running Android for several years already.

MP # 87: What Are Exifs? what is this for ?

Photo App: Colorful Memories

With iOS 15, Apple is revamping the function a bit Memento Its Photos app. As a reminder, the latter automatically creates short videos with your best photos captured in a specific location (a mountain, a concert, etc.).

With this new version, Apple brings “the most important update of Souvenirs”. It depends on a new look, likely Modify the contents of memories easily more likely add music From Apple Music Service. so many points that misses stories From Snapchat or D’Instagram.

Simply save photos and videos. will be presented as animated card, which includes new transition effects, titles. It will be possible to switch from one card to another side pat. In addition, iOS Will analyze the style of the image and will apply colorization effect Suitable for the type of subject. Finally, customers of the Apple Music service will be able to to link any music within their memories.

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The application will also offer Music Suggestions for Souvenirs According to the user’s musical taste, but also according to the location where the photo/video was captured (music heard during a trip, or heard during a concert, for example).

Spotlight: Search photos by topic

iOS 15 also has the opportunity Enrich the Spotlight Search Engine. Thanks to a new algorithm developed by Apple, iOS allows you to Find photos that contain the subject of the query. For example, if you search for beach photos, your iPhone will directly find all images that were taken at the beach.

With iOS 15, Spotlight becomes more powerful and can find photos showing the subject of your search

This feature was already present in the Photos app. However, this integration or his spotlight Makes it more accessible and easy to use. Especially since Apple’s AI should offer a better subject recognition Photography, especially for portraits.

Live Text: Recover text contained in photos

with new functionality live textApple’s artificial intelligence algorithms go even further. On paper, the principle is quite simple: iOS enables read text within an image, to capture it and analyze information automatically. you can then copier, the translate into another language where share as you see fit.

In practice, this novelty especially promising. For example, iOS can recognize and copy the cafe’s WiFi password. or “Digitize” the Text of a Handwritten Cooking Recipe. Or call directly (or store in your Contacts) the phone number of a business card.

In addition, it’s functionality Integrated within Spotlight, search permission Handwritten (or typed) text within pictures. An impressive element, and one that can be extremely relevant to those who photograph large numbers of texts.

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Finally, like Google Lens, AI will be able to recognize the subject of the photo and provide you with the information. By swiping a photo up you will be able to get relevant data About a work of art, a landscape, plants or flowers, books or pets that you photographed.

When iOS 15 launches, Live Text will be available for 7 languages : German, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Photos shared with you in stored messages directly in the Photos app

A new feature has also been added in iOS 15 called “shared with you”. As soon as one of your correspondents shares a piece of content with you, it is automatically added to the most relevant app. So when you receive a photo in Messages, you can Find it directly in the Photos app. A mode of operation that resembles WhatsApp’s images – and which is variously appreciated by users.

Beyond photos, this operating mode applies to (or almost) all types of content. A link will be stored in Safari, music in Apple Music, podcast content in Podcasts, etc.

Finally, when your correspondent sends you multiple photos, they are displayed. as a battery. With a swipe of your finger, you can scroll through photos to view them. You can also display them in a grid. Simple and efficient.

Share photos in a specific order

Another small novelty: When you select a photo from an application (Messages, for example), iOS allows you to choose in which order do you want to share them. Even here, we can’t help but help Instagram’s multiple image selection system.

Selecting images from third-party apps should also be simpler and more ergonomic.

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Improved panorama and zoom during QuickTake video: 2 small new features for the Camera app

Some new features for Camera app. However, Apple’s capture comes to improve panorama With iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. Better management of distortions and moving subjects, digital noise reduction, elimination of artifacts associated with fusion of images… so many welcome innovations.

Finally, it’s now possible to zoom in while capturing video with the mode QuickTake. As a reminder, the latter allows you to quickly capture video by long-pressing the shutter-release button out of photo mode. To zoom, simply slide your finger upwards.

Universal controls: Apple continues to blur the lines between Mac and iPad

last but not leastApple unveiled a new feature possibly very relevant, baptized universal control (Universal control in Molire’s jargon). Its goal: to allow you to use Mac and iPad, Single Keyboard / Trackpad with Duo.

In practice, we can Move your cursor from one screen to another without difficulty. we can also Drag and drop document from one device to another. Thus the iPad becomes a natural extension of the Mac without any limitations. Even better, it becomes possible to control on up to 3 devices Time : a MacBook, an iMac, and an iPad – all wireless and without tedious configurations, Apple promises us.

This promising feature will work with ipad 15 more MacOS Monterey.

Availability of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey

Apple launched the first beta version of iOS 15 on the sidelines of its WWDC conference. The latter is available through the Apple Developer Platform.

should come in final version September 2021possibly At the same time as the next generation of the iPhone.

Similarly, macOS Monterey should be available next october Compatible for Mac.

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