All Fitbit watches can catch fire, according to complaint

A new complaint claims that Fitbit watches can burn you if they catch fire. These connected clocks would be dangerous.

Fitbit finds itself in the limelight once again after facing a mass complaint launched in the United States. Two disgruntled customers claim that all of the brand’s smartwatches are failing. there will be a manufacturing defect Fitbit watch battery overheating Due to which they catch fire.

Allegations against Fitbit

Website Ars Technica reported that a class action lawsuit is targeting Fitbit in some US states, including California, New York, Florida. This action seeks damages for all connected watches of the brand. Prosecutors allege that all of the brand’s products have the same defect that has already caused In the United States 80 injuries, These injuries include second and third degree burns.

Two women have emerged as the main victims. they will both suffer from skin burnsOne with Fitbit Versa and the other with Versa 2. Referenced online reports show more instances of injuries from models in the Fitbit Versa line and even the 2020 Sense.

fitbit smartwatchWhatever the limit, this is how fire can start.

Fitbit has responded to some of the allegations against the brand. She assures that most of these cases are due to irritation or friction. The plaintiff states that his injuries were a . stemmed from Overheating due to faulty battery and charging system, Ars Technica also found some other reports of rumors spreading through Fitbit’s support account on Twitter.

The lawsuit also highlights the fact that Google allegedly Refunds Removed Under Fitbit Ionic Recall, Google and Fitbit previously announced that Ionic owners would be entitled to a full refund of the original cost of the smartwatch. However, some owners have not received their refund more than two months after the recall.

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