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The economics professor, who also works on Africa, women’s emancipation or access to health, advocates income for all young people (students or not) in a precarious situation.

Establish an income for those under the age of 25 and allow them to follow their studies or integrate more peacefully into working life. There is a concept defended by Alice Huilery, economist and professor in development economics at the University of Paris-Dauphiné. Accessed by phone, researchers affiliated with J-PAL – the lab created by Esther Duflo – and member of the Council on Economic Analysis argue: “Young people are most affected by poverty in France. Outside the RSA, they rely on family solidarity.”

The principle it advocates is simple: an income equivalent to RSA, or 565 euros per month, for people under the age of 25 and conditioned by family resources. The calculation will be done to get the scholarship, but this amount can be a matter of concern not only for the students but for all the youth. In all, an annual cost of 7 billion will affect a third of youth. A tool for additional taxation, re-establishment of the ISF, a more progressive income tax or a higher inheritance tax is possible.

A three-year member of the Committee on Evaluation of the National Strategy Against Poverty, chaired by Louis Schweitzer, Alice Huilary recalls her teen years and their implications in humanitarianism. She is 15-16 years old and leaves for several youth work camps in Romania or Cameroon. “We were doing simple things and we actually met people who lived there.” It was at this age that he decided to make the fight against poverty and inequality his job. He then joined HEC, a school of higher professional studies. “At first glance, it seems contradictory, She defends herself But I wanted to get to the heart of the engine, acquire the tools to understand how the system works and then put them into service to developing countries. “ He also nurtured himself in philosophy and earned his doctorate. She highlights the colonial responsibility of France and the United Kingdom in poverty in Africa. At the end of her studies, she joined J-Pal. “The perfect place for me as we carry out applied research projects with social utility. We work with public, political and collaborative actors. It brings solidity and foresight at the same time.”

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If she works primarily on Africa, women’s emancipation or access to health, Alice Huilary also fights against inequalities at the national level, hearing “Break social determinism, especially through projects in education”. Within the Committee Against Poverty, “We analyze the development of poverty and make recommendations to overcome it”. Youth Income Ambition follows this model. “The idea would be to put it on a section of the population, in certain departments or local communities, for one year. Thus we can compare what it produces in terms of social progress and everyday well-being. “

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