Algiers refuses to reopen gas pipeline with Morocco despite US and European pressure

Algerian President Tebboune. Doctor

Algiers protested the US demand to increase gas flow to Europe via the GME pipeline, which was voiced by US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman during her recent visit to the Algerian capital, following its stopover in Rabat .

The GME gas pipeline, which runs through Morocco, has been closed since October 2021 by a unilateral decision by Algiers, which took this coercive decision based on the deterioration of its relations with Rabat.

according to an analysis of over the riverReopening this gas pipeline is the only solution to meet the urgent need of Europe after the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. The pressure on Algiers is therefore likely to increase, especially since the Algerian regime has not honored its commitments to meet a shortfall in gas supplies to Spain via the low-capacity Medgaz pipeline, which runs through the Mediterranean Sea. , which resulted in its loss of leadership in this sector for the benefit of American LNG, as Desk explained earlier.

Due to sanctions on Russian gas, which covers 20% of global demand, gas prices in international markets soared, while American LNG is 40% more expensive.

Apart from this, Abdelmadjid Tebboune will also hold talks with Pedro Sanchez of Spain. “Spain and Algeria are in contact at the highest level for GME to bring gas back to the old continent”, The Iberian press indicated, recalling that 25% of Spanish gas imports were controlled through this channel.

“The key question here is whether Algeria will decide to put its eternal conflict with the Alaouite Empire on the back burner in order to become a major player in the new geopolitical and economic landscape emerging after the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. This change may already have taken place in the U.S., as evidenced by the fact that the Algerian president acknowledged that the Maghreb gas pipeline would be used in the opposite direction to transport natural gas from Spain to power plants in Morocco. Indicated the same Spanish sources.

Algeria supplies 11% of the European continent’s gas needs and still does not want to increase this supply, despite pressure from Americans and Europeans. On the other hand, Russia, close to Algiers, opposes this increase.

Despite refusing to go through Morocco, Algeria has the potential to increase its deliveries to Italy by 10 billion m3 via the TransMed gas pipeline. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, however, fears Russia’s wrath and wants to maintain stable relations with Moscow.

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