Algerians stranded in Morocco, representatives demand “disgraceful opening of borders”

#morocco Delegates to the Algerian diaspora propose a solution for their repatriation, following the breakdown of diplomatic relations decided by Algiers and the closure of its skies to Moroccan aircraft, blocking hundreds of their citizens in Morocco.

Algiers announced the immediate closure of its airspace to all Moroccan civilian and military aircraft on 22 September 2021, the day after its decision to break diplomatic relations on 24 August. An abrupt decision that resulted in the suspension of links operated by the companies Air Algeria and Royal Air Marrow between the two countries and many passengers on both sides were left behind.

As a result, many Algerians preparing to return to Algeria remained stranded in Morocco.

And the only way for these Algerian citizens to reach Algeria is to take Tunisair flights and travel Casablanca-Tunis, then Tunis-Algiers. A long affair and above all an additional unexpected and costly financial burden. As a result, and facing a situation that affects hundreds of Algerians stranded in Morocco, representatives of the Algerian diaspora are proposing a solution for the Algerian authorities.

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Thus, Abdellouhab Yagoubi from the Paris region and Tawfiq Khedim from Marseille and Brahim Dekhinet from the Washington region sent a solution to the president of the National People’s Assembly (APN) that was able to end the ordeal of stranded Algerian citizens. in Morocco.

He called on the Algerian authorities “for the humiliating opening of the borders to welcome our fellow citizens under dignified conditions”. In other words, representatives of the Algerian diaspora request an extraordinary opening of air connectivity to allow Algerians stranded in Morocco to return to Algeria, following the closure of air links between the two countries.

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A request that is unlikely to be heard by the Algerian regime, which will proudly let its citizens suffer, rather than request an extraordinary opening of air connectivity between the two countries, a time to allow those stranded in both countries to return home. .

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