Algerian students take to the streets to demand radical change

Student marches have resumed for the third consecutive week in other Algerian cities, including Algiers and Bezia, to demand radical change after Hirac’s resumption, reports the media. The procession, mostly composed of students, but also other citizens, traveled to the main arteries of the capital’s center to reach the Grande Post, a traditional rally venue for supporters of the protest movement, which the media indicated. The people involved in these processions chanted slogans, inter alia, “freedom of the press”, “freedom of the judiciary”, “rule of law” and “political reform”. The protesters also insisted that the scare policy does not scare them and that “the roads belong to the people”. He also produced placards, through which he denied the allegations leveled against him on the social network and which mainly targeted key figures of Hirak. The protesters also clarified their position, describing the recent decisions of Algerian President Abdelmadzid Teboune as “illegitimate”. “In Baizai, hundreds of students have also taken to the streets, demanding a” rule of law “and a” plural Algeria. “Thousands take to the streets of Algiers and other cities in the country since the second anniversary of Algiers Diamond, Confirm. Resuming mobilization, claiming the “departure of the system” and the establishment of a rule of law.

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