Algerian rival Karim Tabu placed under judicial control

The investigating judge of the Algiers Court of Appeal on Thursday decided to keep rival Karim Tabu under judicial supervision. Tabu, who will appear shortly before the President of the Criminal Court of Bir Mourad Rais, can be prosecuted, inter alia, for “slander, insult and contempt of an employee in the performance of his duties”. He is also accused of “violating the sanctity of the deceased in the cemetery”. He was arrested and taken into police custody following a complaint lodged by National Human Rights Council (CNDH) chairman Buzid Lazari for defamation and threats. Later in Algeria on Monday, the Algerian cemetery was plotted by a rival during the funeral of Ali Ali Yahia Abdenour, a veteran of the fight for human rights.

Jailed from September 2019 to July 2020, Karim Tabu has been a very popular face of anti-regime protests since the introduction of Hirak more than two years ago. Algeria has recorded an upsurge in repression and arrests of demonstrations in recent weeks, months before legislative elections. Recently, many Algerian and international organizations expressed their concerns about the suppression of the right to freedom of expression in this Maghreb country. In a statement released on Wednesday, LADDH “expressed its concern over the escalation of repression, which targets all voices of opposition and diamond”. He urged the government to “immediately stop the harassment and arbitrary arrests of peaceful Hirak activists, political and civil society, and journalists”. For its part, Human Rights Watch, in its latest report, called on the Algerian authorities for continued repression and imprisonment of opponents against Herak, who demand more democracy in the country.

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The NGO sentenced many political opponents to speak in a non-violent manner on social media. For its part, the US State Department, in its report on Human Rights 2020, condemned the most basic civil and public liberties violations in the country. The document criticized the government’s maneuvers for censoring electronic media, as well as adopting independence-killing laws in Algeria, including other human rights violations associated with atrocities, arbitrary detention and denying political opponents real justice Was condemned.

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