Algerian Prime Minister submits resignation of his government

Algerian Prime Minister Abelaziz Gerad on Thursday submitted the resignation of his government, a day before the Constitutional Council announced the final results of the June 12, 2021 legislative elections.

The final results of the legislative elections were announced by the Constitutional Council, which saw a low turnout of 23%.

The declared results showed the National Liberation Front (FLN) party still leading with 98 seats, followed by Independents with 84 seats, Society for Peace Movement (MSP) with 65 seats and National Democratic Rally (RND) with 65 seats. Along is ahead. Which won 58 seats.

It is the first legislature since the unprecedented and peaceful popular uprising, which was born out of the rejection of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s 5th term on February 22, 2019, nearly two months after prompting him to resign after 20 years of rule.

After registering a majority boycott of the presidential election in 2019 and a massive boycott from the constitutional referendum on November 1, 2020, these legislative elections were “another failure of fruitless electoral meetings”.

Ahead of the elections, Hirak, who in vain calls for a radical change in the “system” of governance since independence in 1962, denounced the “election pretext”. Opposition parties boycotted the election, which Hirak also rejected.

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