Algeria tries to take advantage of the situation

In the midst of the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and Germany, Algeria made no effort to take advantage of it. Algerian President Abdelmazid Teboune did not hesitate to receive the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in his country, Elizabeth Wolbers. As usual, the Sahara issue was raised, with the Algerian news agency eager to tell Germany’s situation seriously about the conflict. The German ambassador said, “Germany demands a solution based on international law within the framework of the UN process, a desire to soon see the appointment of a new UN Special Envoy to the Western Sahara to revive the process.” Expresses. ” . This position is shared by the European Union, which is linked to the United Nations process. However, many countries, such as France, recognize the credibility and reality of the autonomy scheme presented by Morocco as the only solution to this territorial dispute, which has been in place for more than forty-five years.

The President’s welcome of the German ambassador at this precise moment does not appear to have been fortunate, Algeria is well aware of the opportunity given by the suspension of contacts between Morocco and the German embassy in Rabat. The east’s neighbor immediately took advantage of this and would not abandon efforts to push Angela Merkel’s government into a hostile position in the Sahara affair. Although Morocco’s position on the international arena remains comfortable, the Kingdom can always count on US support, knowing that Joe Biden’s new administration has maintained the President’s declaration recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.

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Recall that Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has suspended all contact with the German diplomatic mission in Morocco for several reasons, including German positions in Morocco, which are considered hostile. Germany was among the countries opposing Donald Trump’s decision, and did not hesitate to call a Security Council meeting on the subject. This is accompanied by the exclusion of the Kingdom from the Berlin Summit on Libya, and the intervention of some German foundations in the country’s internal affairs.

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