Algeria: Tremendous support of people’s solidarity against Dame Kovid Khaki regime grants itself

Faced with the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hitting Algeria on its head, Algerians are organizing themselves as best they can to handle themselves, as the regime that dazzles with its inertia, just washes them out, thus creating a chaotic situation like never before in the history of the country.

Indeed, Algeria has been facing the outbreak of the Lady Covid pandemic since early July, which has led to a huge increase in the number of deaths and contamination. This takes alarming proportions in Algeria, especially as the country’s hospitals, which, in addition to oxygen shortages and saturated reception capacity, face a rapidly increasing daily influx of patients, are overburdened, leading to the saturation of Covid services. happened. Public hospitals which are unstructured and deprived of minimum facilities. It is clear that the health situation in Algeria is very depressing, so to speak.

But more than that, what worries the country’s authorities is the explosion of extraordinary solidarity that Algerians have shown for several weeks, and which so intimidates the old regime and which does not make the right decisions. Indeed, forums of the Algerian diaspora circulate extensively on social networks, from funding participation to soliciting donations. Algerians are demonstrating exceptional civic participation to help infected patients seriously affected by Dame Kovid. Medical oxygen, means of protection, medical ambulances, medical equipment, participatory financing, Algeria abroad as well as in the interior of the country agree without complaining about the many sacrifices to free their country from the third wave that can be fatal. is country. This civic-minded popular sentiment terrified the Algerian regime more than ever. This civic solidarity has undoubtedly revealed the absence of the state, especially in some of the key areas such as Kabila.

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In Tizi-Ouzou or Béjaia, while the state is not able to properly supply medical oxygen to health centers and public hospitals, private donors are working to provide it to their fellow citizens and public hospitals. The Algerian diaspora abroad has financed the acquisition of 4 medical oxygen production stations. The beneficiaries are far more dominant than the Algerian state who continue to hoe its wheels. A private actor in Algeria outperformed all institutions in the Algerian state, offering 22 oxygen generators to several villas in the country, Ain-Temochant, Tipaza, Algiers, Tizzi-Ozou, Bouira, Bejaza, Setif, Scida, Oum El Baughey, Khechela, EL Meaghier, Jelfa and Bechar.

But beyond the humiliation caused by Abdelmadjid to the undeclared Nam & Co, it is the political offense that pertains to the Algerian regime. The Algerians are demonstrating their capacity for self-management to the world and especially in Kabila where the strong Algerian diaspora abroad from the region has sent millions of euros to the population in a short period of time, thus proving the worthlessness of a dying politico. The system is happening which is still under the rule of Algeria. This scares the capos of Algiers. And for good reason, one can see there, without the danger of being mistaken for the latter. In fact, this form of collective self-organization can be transferred to the political level and lead to the creation of a local or even national protest movement, whose Algerian power needs to be pushed out of the shackles of aging. It is everything to fear because of its ability to promote civil autonomy. State in Algiers. But, the Khaki regime, to eliminate this political possibility, will soon find parade in this crusade, by imposing a restrictive framework and a process of control over it, with the sole aim of rehabilitating its own institutions, Those who have been sidelined by a mature population. Why self-government?

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He attacked this civilian in motion with a restrictive device that he mounted on donors who send emergency medical aid such as medical oxygen concentrators. To do so, the Algerian Embassy in France announced on Friday that these solidarity and charity campaigns launched by members of the Algerian diaspora are now under state authorities in Algeria. never seen it! The state wants to control everything, or twist everything for its own benefit, it is a “way of life” as we have with the help of the European Union diverted the Sahrawi population to the benefit of the regime.

Civil liberties are under the control of the state and no other organization which is part of civil society has been able to fight it. Worse, the Algerian authorities are required to hand over all of their donations and collected aid to donors… the Central Pharmacy (PCH), which is the sole recipient of donations. You must be aware that the PCH is an institution plagued by corruption and plight which has been shaken by a major scam of embezzlement of public funds concerned.

We can imagine that these measures sparked a wave of outrage on social networks in Algeria. With this initiative, not singular, shall we say, Algerian leaders merely seek to mobilize the citizenry and divert this flow of generosity that on a daily basis demonstrates bankruptcy at all levels of Algerian governance.

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