Algeria: Three National Education Associations call for walkout on Wednesday

Three national education unions in Algeria announced their opposition to Wednesday’s action on Monday, including work stops and rallies in front of the country’s education directorates.

These are the National Union of Education and Training Personnel (UNPEF), the Algerian High School Teachers Council (CELA) and the Autonomous Union of Education and Training Workers (SATEF), which said in a press release that this walkout would be due to the hardening of their movement. Following other forms which in progress will be defined “before the end of the week”.

Notable unions have exposed unprecedented problems such as the purchasing power of teachers and education workers, the devaluation of the national currency, the vertical rise in prices of consumer products, and the government’s lack of willpower to solve sector problems.

In the forum of their demands, the unions, which have missed points of contention pending for years, seek revaluation of wages with upward revision of the index point, the initial age of retirement after 32 years and without their terms Repeal the right to retirement. Demand to issue special status specific to the region, with service, and other points.

At the educational level, the three unions are called upon to revise teaching programs and methods, improve working and school conditions, reduce hours and exempt primary teachers from extra-academic activities.

Finally, calling for consolidation of the budget of middle and secondary education establishments, unions have called for the primary cycle schools to be left out of the management of local communities.

Due to the declared walkout in National Education, teachers have been organizing protest rally in front of education departments of various schools across the country for several days.

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