Algeria: Three former ministers imprisoned for corruption

The special court of Sidi Mohamed in Algiers on Thursday sentenced three former ministers of public works to prison for their involvement in corruption cases. They are Ammar Ghol and Abdelkader Qadi who were sentenced to four years in prison with a fine of 200,000 Algerian dinars as well as Abdelkader Auli, who was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The Department of Economic and Financial Penalties of the Sidi Mohamed court sentenced businessman Ali Haddad to four years in prison with a fine of 200,000 DA. He was accused of giving public money, corruption and unfair advantage in a case related to the construction of an east-west highway connecting Ann Defla’s villa.

A judgment on confiscation of all land and movable property and confiscation of bank accounts by order of the Investigative Judge of the Economic and Financial Penal Division was pronounced against these former convicted officers, with payment of compensation of 100,000 dinars each for the benefit of the public. Treasure.

Prosecutors requested 10-year prison sentences against Ali Hadad, Ammar Ghol, Abdelkader Auli and Abdelkader Qadi, as well as fines of one million dinars each.

The massive investigation into corruption and nepotism launched after the resignation of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in April 2019, under pressure from “Hiraq”, an unprecedented popular protest movement, has led to a series of trials that are still ongoing.

In the context of these trials a number of personalities and former political leaders as well as powerful bosses, senior civil servants and senior army officers are prosecuted. They are specifically prosecuted for corruption and illegal promotion.

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