Algeria: Rival Karim Tabu Released Under Judicial Supervision

#Algeria Karim Tabu, an anti-democracy movement figure in Algeria, was left under judicial surveillance after 24 hours of police custody following a complaint lodged by an officer, according to the union supporting the detention of the conscience.

47-year-old Karim Tabu was brought before the prosecutor of an Algiers court, which decided to keep him under judicial control, according to the National Judicial Committee for Liberation of Detection (CNLD) and the rival team. According to the Algerian League for Human Rights (LADDH), he had to be taken to Mustafa Hospital in Algiers in the morning.

Mr Tabu was taken into police custody on Wednesday following a complaint filed by the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) chairman, the official body, Boujid Lazari. The latter was reportedly yelled at by a rival during the funeral of Ali Yahia Abdelour, a veteran of the fight for human rights.

The eight charges against him are “slander, insult and contempt of an employee in the performance of his duties.” He is also accused of “violating the sanctity of the deceased in the cemetery”.

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Imprisoned from February 2019 to July 2020, Mr Tabu is a very popular face of anti-government protests, launched in February 2019.

His place under judicial control is an atmosphere of heightened repression against Hirak activists, political opponents and journalists in assembly elections called by an unpopular power.

Another worker, Sleeman Hamtouche, was arrested at her home, which was subject to judicial review by the same court on Thursday. The same measure was pronounced against Hidham Khiat, co-founder of Nida-22, an independent initiative for dialogue within the Hirg, which was arrested in Blida, near Algiers.

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In Oran (North-West), where 12 people were produced before the prosecutor, a known activist, local officer of LADDH, Kador Choicha, and his wife and female activist, Jamila Lokil, were released on bail. .

On the other hand, according to the CND, ex-detainee, journalist Saïd Boudour, a member of LADDH, was placed under judicial control by the punitive pole of the ORDN.

These activists arrested during the demonstrations are being prosecuted for “conspiracy against state security” and “weakening the unity of the national arena”.

According to the Algerian unions, some 65 people are currently behind bars, supporting cases of conscience, prosecuted in connection with Hirak and / or personal liberty.

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