Algeria: President Tabunne Promotes Amendment of Constitution

Back in Algeria after two months in Germany, where he was treated for Kovid-19, President Abdelmadzid Tebbouane signed a decree declaring the amendment of the Constitution, the “cornerstone of the new Algeria”, according to the presidency on Friday Done. .

Once the decree is signed, the reform will come into force as soon as it is published in the official journal, according to a press release from the presidency stated by the official APS agency.

After extensive boycott by the population on December 12, 2019, a constitutional amendment was presented in the national referendum on November 1, Mr. Tebboune’s flagship project, seeking legitimacy to be elected in the ballots.

It was approved with the lowest number of voters (23.84%) in the country’s history and in the absence of a head of state in Germany.

Fewer than 15% of voters are believed to have voted in favor of the text, calling for a “revolt of the political system” from the aspirations of the popular uprising of “Hirak” born in February 2019 and since independence in 1962.

Supporters of “Hirak” called for a boycott of the referendum.

Emphasizing a range of rights and freedoms, the new fundamental law maintains the character of the regime’s president and broadens the head of the military, the pillar of power.

Returned to Algiers on Tuesday, 75-year-old Mr. Teboune resumed his activities by introducing Chief of Army Staff, General Saad Chengariha on Wednesday, and Finance Law for 2021 on Thursday.

Other priorities in charge of the head of state’s agenda include the development of new electoral legislation for the next local and legislative elections and the vaccination campaign against Kovid-19 “starting in January”.

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Algeria has ordered from Russia – an old ally – the first batch of Sputnik V vaccine.

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