Algeria: Oran meeting on peace and security, a blatant failure

A new attempt by the Algerian politico-military regime to influence African countries to adhere to its thesis on the Sahara, during a meeting held in Oran under the theme “Peace and Security”, aimed at the new African members were to be taught. Security Council Polisario’s pro-separatist lesson.

Held over three days, a meeting at the African level, decided by Algeria, was to “officially” discuss ways to strengthen a single African voice in the UN and AU bodies. But for Algeria, this meeting is really a way of expressing her only concern, namely her obsession with Morocco, with the Sahara as a central theme.

Security Council attempts to influence African countries

In fact, Algeria, which created the separatist Polisario fighters who claimed the Moroccan Sahara, is still campaigning for this version to be heard by the international community. The aim stated: to influence the United Nations Security Council in charge of the issue, and the influence on the continental organization along with the networks built within the African Union during its nearly 20 years of hegemony with South Africa.

In its strategy, Algiers plays on two fronts; on the one hand, it tries to torpedo Security Council resolutions, specifically with the help of its ally Russia, which sells it weapons, and on the other, it tries to Is the file recovered by the African Union where its influence in the state’s absence has been undisputed for 19 years. It was also under his leadership that when the OAU was transformed into the AU in 2002, the Polisario militia was admitted as a member.

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Thus the meeting was held in Oran on “Peace and Security in Africa”, which essentially aimed to impress members of the Security Council of African states by urging them to speak up to play their violins.

“We believe that there is still more room for improvement to achieve our common goal of speaking Africa with a voice capable of influencing the decision-making process within the United Nations Security Council”, in the sense that , was declared the head of Algerian diplomacy, Ramtane Lamamra during the meeting.

Prior to this meeting, the Algerian Foreign Ministry declared, without explicitly citing the purpose, “emphasizing the need for coordination and cooperation between African countries members of the United Nations Security Council and other members of the United Nations. AU”. With the aim to make “Africa’s voice heard within the Security Council (…) on matters of peace and security”. In other words, the question of the Sahara, which Algeria links to these two themes, peace and security.

And, currently, these countries are group A3, Kenya, Niger and Tunisia, the country with the boot of Algeria and on which it counts to influence other members of the group. As evidence of Tunisia’s subjugation to Algeria, during the last Security Council devoted to the Sahara issue, only Tunisia and Russia voted on 29 October in favor of the final resolution expanding the mandate of the United Nations Mission (MINORSO).

In addition, Tunisian Foreign Minister, Othman Gerandi, who arrived in Algeria on Tuesday evening to attend the meeting, was on the same plane that was returning home after the China-Africa summit in Dakar with his Algerian counterpart. Evidence of understanding between Algeria and Tunisia, whose mandate within the Security Council expires on 31 December.

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no one in oran meeting

While Algeria displayed an ambition to make the meeting an opportunity to turn the minds of foreign ministers, the meeting was largely rejected by African countries after it began work in Dakar.

Only Othman Gerandi, Chadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cherif Mahamat Zain, Angola’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Titi and Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen Hassan, represented their countries at the conference.

Algeria was relying on over-representation of African countries and in particular the member states of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), but this was particularly conspicuous by absentee countries. Invitation Kenya (A3), Ghana and Gabon.

Furthermore, the African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Bankole Adoye, who was traveling to Rabat on 16 November, also deemed it unnecessary to visit Oran, and only sent a message. read by his name.

Finally, the chairman of the Commission of the African Union, Moussa Faki, whose presence was eagerly awaited, did not respond to Algiers’ invitation.

Algeria does not intend to stifle its ambition to influence the UN Security Council and African Union member states; in 2024–2025, the country will sit on the UN Security Council, Ramtane Lamamara declared, “For the members of Algeria Gratitude to “AU’s who supported his candidature”.

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