Algeria: Military rule continues to suppress Hirak for two weeks before legislative elections

In Algeria this Friday, Internet lines were cut off on the day of the Hirak pro-democracy protest movement. The Algerian regime continues its strategy of overwhelming repression against protesters two weeks before the legislative elections instigated by President Tebboune, an electoral deadline that was rejected by Hirak and the opposition. Several people were arrested on Friday and one day before Hirak.

In the streets and main arteries used by protesters, officers sent an impressive security device. Police buses were parked around the capital’s main road to prevent protesters from marching as police marched like a military parade.

And to thwart the police force in central Algiers, protesters gathered in other parts of the city, notably Ain el Biniane and El Harrach. Normally in the afternoon, the steps, which started before the prayer of nama, were stopped by the police till early in the afternoon.

On this Friday, the strongest rally took place in Tizi Ouzou, where a human tide demonstrated for the decline of military rule for an independent and democratic country. A large gathering was also organized in the main region, Bejaiah and other cities of Kabilia for this 11th Hirak.

“Your weekly reminder that Algerians have been holding peaceful demonstrations against military rule for more than 2 years, calling for a free and democratic civil state. Despite intense repression to suppress Hirak before the next legislative elections, he Marched “.

According to eyewitnesses present on the spot, the police on Friday made mass arrests against the protesters and released tear gas shells. But even a day earlier, when there were no demonstrations, police arrested several activists, some of whom were sitting in cafes.

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While many media have warned of a possible hasty end to diamonds due to the highly repressive tactics led by Abdelmadzid Teboune in the initial legislative elections pushed against the will of the people, Algerian citizens are determined to make their voices heard, despite the arrests, Despite all the restrictions, despite the mistakes of the police.

“Do you know when it will end?” Journalist Abdemoundji Kheladi writes on Twitter. It would be “the day when there will be a state of justice and law governed by citizens”, he replied. “The fight remains and continues”.

“The free people of Bordj Manayel went out in a demonstration against the regime. The latter faced repression and tear gas,” an Algerian citizen said on Twitter, adding the hashtag, “a civil position and not a military”. ” We will not stop “,” “Algeria in revolution”.

Like every other day of demonstrations in the country this Friday, Algerian authorities cut off the internet network to prevent Algerians from communicating with each other and meeting for the march, but journalists working internationally And to prevent the dissemination of information.

The flow and flow of tweets and Facebook posts did not begin until after 5 pm. The main tweets posted were related to the names and list of people arrested by the police.

“The regime is continuing its repressive plan against the popular agitation (hirak) demonstrations, shutting down internet networks, heavy security equipment on the roads, you cannot even take a picture of the ground!” A police plane was flying in the sky above the capital Algiers today, ”said journalist Kheladi.

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