Algeria: Kovid-19 vaccination, failures and false promises

Algerian authorities had great ambitions for vaccination, having to revise their intentions in view of the most horrific results recorded after four months of promises.

On 29 January, the first batch of the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V arrived in Algeria and the next day the first dose was vaccinated. Since then it has been a cascade of failures, of bad faith from the authorities, who thought that 70% of the population (mass immunity) would have been vaccinated in March, but what a hero! “By the end of the month, we will receive a significant amount of vaccines. We will achieve our target of 70% of the population by the end of the year ”, Said the health minister on 18 February.

Unfortunately, this is not for lack of distribution, an Algerian media tells us. Because if we focused too much on the inability of the authorities to acquire doses of vaccines (300,000 for 150,000 people so far, to date, Algeria has received 50,000 doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V, 50,000 others from the English Astra People-Zeneca and 200,000 doses given by China), it seems that this is not the only obstacle. In fact, the derived amounts of the received dose have not yet been used at all.

This is the self-identified Health Minister, Abderrahman Benbozid. The doses accrued have not been used, and that vaccination is still ongoing and calls to those registered in the health sector continue to be made, numbering 30,000 »

Obviously, it is not a question of the batch of vaccines but the question of organization. However, both politicians and experts boasted about the potential of the Algerian health system and long traditions of vaccination, as well as adequate infrastructure and experienced staff. Which is far from a reality on the ground, seeing the result at the end of March.

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Because how to understand that with this “logistics” we could not vaccinate more than 0.3% of the Algerian population in two months. Minister Abderrahman Benbuzid responded that officials are moving forward ” Rationalization »Available Doses. That is why we vaccinate sparingly.

The first service, we suspect, from above and suddenly, it has priorities. ” Rationalization All these ministers and politicians do not seem to have been respected who were fit to publicize their vaccinations.

One figure draws particular attention in this recession, with only 30,000 candidates for vaccination registered on the platform for this purpose and yet open to all. Then why is this general distrust of people towards their leaders? This lack of enthusiasm for registration on behalf of citizens is in many ways an indication of people’s trust in their leaders.

Beyond all these inadequacies and misunderstandings, the major failure of the Algerian authorities is the inability to gain the necessary volume. Health Minister has just announced new delivery “ In the next few days », And in addition to another 7 million under the African Awat program, the Russians and Kowaks talk 12 to 16 million doses under contract with the program.

This is all well and good, except that the Minister did not state that the quantities announced during March, including 1.8 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, have still not arrived and that supplier countries face production problems Is falling The third wave that bumps many countries.

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