Algeria: Journalists imprisoned after article on Tuareg dissent

An Algerian journalist was indicted on Monday and imprisoned for disseminating misinformation “may weaken public safety” following an article on a Tuareg protest movement in the great south of Algeria, according to Rai’s solidarity with detainees it was done.

Rabah Krech, a reporter for the French-language daily Liberty in Tamnarset, was placed “under a committal warrant” after his hearing by an investigative judge of the court in this city of the Albanian Sahara. CNLD).

According to the Liberty Web edition, the Liberty journalist was brought to justice after spending Sunday to Monday nights in custody at Tamanrasset Central Police Station.

He was summoned by police on Sunday following the publication on the same day of an informed report on a demonstration by the Tuaregas of the same region, who were protesting against the “new territorial division”.

A veteran and eminent journalist, Rabah Krech, who had long been established in Tamnarset, specifically reported that the inhabitants of the region “leveraged their lands for the benefit” of the newly formed Ginait and the Villeys (prefectures) of the Illizi Was condemned. In the south of the country, thanks to a new regional division.

The Tuareg population of the extreme south of Algeria, barbarians-speaking, routinely condemn their economic and social marginalization within a very centralized state.

Rabah Karèche “is a journalist in Tamnarset who is far from the relative safety of the editorial staff of Algiers. Rabah bothers because he has been plotting the administration and some local news for years ”, tweeted independent journalist Tariq Hafid under the hashtag #journalism-a crime.

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According to Liberté, Mr Kareche is accused of officially “creating an electronic account dedicated to the dissemination of information responsible for inciting segregation and hatred in society”, “disseminating false information responsible for attacking public order”. And “usage”. Various tools to undermine security and national unity ”.

“It goes without saying that these are just flawed accusations, which conceal the journalist’s desire to silence and prevent him from performing his actions in all fairness, as by his numerous summons by security services in recent months Has been done, still continues. ” Daily, one of the major headlines of the French-speaking Algerian press.

“Known for his professionalism and seriousness, Rabah Krech has always made morality and ruthlessness his priesthood”, says Liberté, with this biggest attack on freedom of the press “and demanding the immediate release of his journalist Does “.

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The reform of the penal code adopted last year criminalizes the spread of “fake news” that “violates the public order”.

According to the new text criticized by press freedom organizations, their authors are liable to one to three years in prison, or even to double offenses.

While defensive in the face of the popular diamond movement and a severe socio-economic crisis, the Algerian regime did not hesitate to prosecute journalists sowing stigma, threatening national interest or accusing them of being at the cost of balancing “foreign parties” . .

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Algeria is ranked 146 (out of 180) in the 2020 World Press Freedom Rankings established by the RSF, falling 27 places compared to 2015.

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