Algeria: for Marine Le Pen, the condition for granting a visa would be the dismissal of the “undesirable”

By Le360 (AFP) 04/14/2022 at 09:36

Marine Le Pen at a press conference presenting her foreign policy program in Paris, Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

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Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, that her first assignment for Algeria, if elected, would be a condition for granting any visas. His country.

“My wish is from the very beginning any new grant of visa for the benefit of Algerian citizens, any authorization for transfer of funds, any acquisition of property by an Algerian dignitary in France, for a number of elements, including including the effective implementation of the Algerian Consular Authority in France”, she said during a press conference while presenting her foreign policy programme.

In this regard, it condemned the “strong Algerian reluctance to implement a policy of re-entry of unwanted citizens on French soil”.

“Algerians who already live in France and behave according to French law, respect our habits and customs, and love France, its traditions, its history, its culture, which by a work contract benefit and those who enrich us with their knowledge – do, which, I think, most of them have no reason not to invite to live there, ”she assured.

“Others, certainly in the minority, would leave and the Algerian consular services would issue passes respecting France’s sovereign decision to evict any foreigner from their soil, even without criminal punishment.” as well.

Marine Le Pen promised “uninterrupted, clear and readable speech for Algeria”, and went beyond wishing to “maintain friendly relations” with this country.

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“I am thinking of the Kingdom of Morocco, which is dear to us”

He pledged more broadly to “enrich” France’s relations with the three Maghreb states.

“I am thinking of the Kingdom of Morocco, which is dear to us, and of our support for the ongoing stabilization in Tunisia, if the Tunisian authorities so request,” she said.

France has already announced, in confusion, a reduction in the number of visas granted to citizens of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, because of the “refusal” by these Maghreb countries to issue consular passes required for the return of immigrants expelled from France. ” Has been done. However, Morocco was the first beneficiary of visas granted by France in 2021, with a total of 69,408 visas granted.

by Le360 (AFP)

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