Algeria: Bird flu outbreak detected, 2,000 animals killed

Algerian officials said on Tuesday that H5N8 strain of bird flu was detected in the east of the country, announcing measures to stop its spread, including the slaughter of 2,000 birds.

According to the APS agency, according to Agriculture Minister Abdelhamid Hamadani, experts have indicated that the migratory birds were at the core of the outbreak in Ein Fakroune, in the Wilaya (province) of Oum al Bugahi.

The Directorate General of Veterinary Services and Forests has established a monitoring system in the country, which will remain in force till the return of migratory birds to the countries of the North.

Hamdani said some 2,000 birds who contracted the virus have been slaughtered.

This strain is fatal to birds, but no cases of transmission have been reported in humans.

According to Maulud Boudjerda, director of agricultural services of the concerned municipality, between January 17 and January 21, 51,000 hens were wiped out from a private farm by flu.

“A major disinfection operation has been performed and the disease is thought to be extinct. “The survey of the fields around the affected farm did not reveal any other outbreaks,” the Agriculture Ministry said in a statement.

“Nevertheless, an instruction was sent to all veterinary inspections in the 48 provinces of the country to continue the survey to look for possible symptoms of the disease” according to the text.

The avian flu virus is currently widespread in many European countries, including France, where millions of animals have been slaughtered to stop its progress.

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